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Why Moser? Find out why people want to work here.

From our great culture to our ample benefits. What will make you want to work here?

Traveling with RoBert

Our personal corporate mascot, RoBert (RO-bert) is traveling the world with our people. We force our consultants to take 2 weeks of vacation per year and they report in on their adventures with our robot pal.

Technology Blog

Our tech blog is a mix of business advice for tech industry professionals and real world problem solutions for tech issues. Find a mix of everything here.

ASCII Anything Podcast

ASCII Anything, a podcast presented by Moser Consulting, will take a weekly deep dive into all things tech. Join us every Wednesday to find out who from Moser's more than 300 resident experts we'll be talking to and what  they're focused on at the moment. Trends, security, setup...ASCII Anything and we'll give you our best answer.

Event Calendar

Find an event or tech workshop offered by Moser.

AI Roundtable Follow-up Questions - Answered

The discussions following our AI Roundtable, an exploration of how AI and Automation are revolutionizing business, was engaging and insightful! Here are your follow-up questions answered.