Giving Back

IT’s Part of Our Culture

Being socially-minded is an important part of Moser’s culture. We live it every day.

Moser’s position as a leader in the IT industry gives us many opportunities to serve our community. Our service to families is a reflection of the values shared by our leadership and our employees.

Of our 8 core values, helping our communities is our most . We believe that we can make our communities a better place and support those who need it most while still achieving our clients goals.

In addition to all-company charity events like the Habitat for Humanity Panel build, we have group and team opportunities such as the Day of Service on Martin Luther King day, where some chose to feed the homeless or volunteer at an animal shelter or a local charity or school.  

In 2022, our employees participated in a panel build for a Habitat for Humanity home. We have completed 8 homes since our relationship with Habitat began.

Listen to our podcast about Habitat for Humanity!

S3E10: 2022 Habitat For Humanity Build at Moser Consulting

It's time for one of Moser's favorite events of the year, so that means it's also time for one of our favorite episodes of the year.

It's Habitat For Humanity Week on ASCII Anything!

This week's episode was recorded while we hosted a Habitat for Humanity panel build in the parking lot at Moser corporate HQ in Indianapolis. Moser Consulting has partnered with Habitat for Humanity for many years and today, similar to last year, we have several interviews for you. We talk with our Chief Administrative Officer, Paula Moser, to find out more about why Moser Consulting does this type of event and how we partner with Habitat for Humanity every year. Then we speak with Amy and Mona from Habitat for Humanity about the process for obtaining a home through Habitat. Then, you'll hear from LaKesha, today's homeowner, who explains how her process has gone and the feeling of finally seeing her dream come to life.

RoBert hosting a podcast episode