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Moser works with clients at all stages in their use of data technologies. We design, implement, and manage
data systems that deliver accelerated and actionable insights our clients need to be competitive in today's fast-moving business environment.


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It’s 2023, Do you know where your data is?

Discover how more efficient data management could transform your business and compare in-house, as a service, and on-demand data management options. Businesses benefit from consistently updated, monitored, and maintained services.

Larry Bird said: “First, master the Fundamentals”. 

Does your company have good data management foundations? Take a look at all the different tools needed in data management and how they should work together as an effective system. 

If you smell smoke when looking at your data, your business will soon be on fire. 

The data management and analytics industry is worth nearly $275 billion and is crucial for operating an organization.

Data and Analytics Capabilities:

  • Modern Data Platform Solution Architecture and Development

  • ELT/ETL Data Engineering

  • Dimensional/Semantic Layer Modeling

  • Visual and Paginated Report Development

  • Advance Analytics Model Design and Development

  • Operational Database Support

  • Data Governance/Compliance Assessment and Program Development

  • Virtual CIO/CDO/CDAO Services

We Currently Serve Our Clients Via Three Models:

Moser serves their clients via three models: Consultancy Services, Professional Services, and Managed Services

Modern Data Platform Solution Architecture and Development

Our Moser Consultants have experience in helping organizations in the process of modernizing their data platforms. Moser can play a role in the design and development of a Modern Data Platform Architecture with a vendor agnostic approach. We believe a solid data platform architecture can be achieved with most vendor toolsets. Our solutions have encompassed Cloud, On-Premises, and Hybrid solutions. We have worked with vendor specific and open-source toolsets. Our solutions can include Data Acquisition, Data Storage, Data Availability, Data Security, Data Governance, and Presentation Layer tools.

ELT/ETL Data Engineering

Our Moser Consultants have extensive experience in developing ELT/ETL capabilities in both on-premises and cloud platforms. We have mature frameworks and design patterns which provides scalability, visibility, and resiliency to most platforms an organization wants to leverage. Our frameworks address data quality, data validation, data velocity, and data volume challenges.

Dimensional/Semantic Layer Modeling

Our Moser Consultants have much experience in developing physical and logical data models to help facilitate the availability and delivery of data in performant ways. The understanding of Dimensional Models and the different facets that may comprise a Semantic Layer are key differentiators in most analytical environments. Leveraging the right techniques to accomplish the goals desired is instrumental to the success of any Dimensional/Semantic Layer in each organization. Having solid techniques for managing Slowly Changing Dimensions, Transactional/Snapshot Facts, Conforming Dimension, Data Marts, and OLAP/Cubing technologies.

Visual and Paginated Report Development

Our Moser Consultants have years of experience in the development of traditional Paginated Reports and modern Visual/Dashboard Reports. Our design patterns include concepts such as Human Centered Design and Data Story Telling techniques to translate data into information and communicate effectively to an audience. We have experience in a variety of tool sets and database environments.

Advance Analytics Model Design and Development

Our experience in developing Advanced Analytics Models ranges from using IoT sources for Streaming Analytics/Real-Time Dashboard workloads to Machine Learning models replicating 20 years of business logic with a 95% accuracy rating. We can identify Robotic Process Automation (RPA) opportunities within an organization and deploy process to improve organizational efficiency.

Operational Database Support

Moser started with Database work at the core of our business, and Database Administration, Tuning, and Data Architecture is still a large part of our work. We have worked with a variety of Relational Database Engines and NoSQL Engines with database ranging in purpose from ERPs, WMS, Web Application, and much more. We have helped organizations review and assess their current Security, Performance, High Availability, and Business Continuity postures with recommendations and remediation strategies.

Data Governance/Compliance Assessment and Program Development

The skilled Architects at Moser not only provide design and architecture, but all solutions will take Data Governance and Compliance into account. We perform assessments of current state and provide implementation plans for existing or new governance programs. Moser can assist in the implementation of tools and processes to support governance initiatives.
We can also assist in establishing governance around
Self-Service BI initiatives.

Virtual CIO/CDO/CDAO Services

The experienced Principal and Executive consultants at Moser have a long history of assisting C-Suite and Senior Leadership with a myriad of situations ranging from aligning Business Strategies to IT/Data Strategies. Having these experiences allows us to offer organizations the opportunity to leverage us to help develop and execute technology strategies aligned with your organization’s vision, mission, and business strategies.

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Overview of Data & Analytics Capabilities

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