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There is no innovation without a solid foundation

The importance of IT infrastructure is that when it functions properly, you can expect increases in performance, reliability, and cost savings. 92% of employees report that having access to tools and software that makes their job easier increases their satisfaction at work. As an added benefit, this technology also allows employees to complete tasks faster, more efficiently, and with better accuracy. In essence, IT infrastructure is in place to enable the storage, tracking, communication, and use of information. The purpose of IT infrastructure services is to ensure that infrastructure is up and running and operating to the best of its ability.  

So how does this network relate to profits? As the saying goes, technology is great, when it works. However, when there’s a hitch in your IT infrastructure, you can experience problems like:

  • Communication breakdowns

  • Blocked access to data

  • Security breaches

What do all of these problems have in common? They make it harder for your team members to do their jobs and provide value for your customers.

Nobody plans for IT issues, but they’re inevitable. In fact, 80% of Americans experience tech issues every day. With so many technology related frustrations occurring daily, a glitch on your end could be a customer’s breaking point, and you’ll lose their business. On top of that, when your employees are experiencing regular tech-headaches, they’re not performing to the best of their ability.  

But do these interruptions to your business have to be this certain? They don’t. That’s where IT infrastructure services come in. Having a comprehensive IT infrastructure management plan can help you achieve the benefits of technology, including: 

  • Increasing employee productivity

  • Improving customer experience

  • Gaining access to relevant, real-time data

When it comes to determining whether your business will be profitable or not, most decision makers take into account factors like cost of goods sold, net revenue retention, and market share. But what about information technology (IT) infrastructure? Your business’s IT infrastructure includes all of the components—both hardware and software—that allows your technology to work together to make your work more efficient. This ranges from your documents housed in a shared Google Drive to your workflow software and even your wireless printer. Your IT infrastructure also includes the connections between your various devices, software, and accounts.

Moser can be your Managed Services Provider

One of our Infrastructure service offerings is a complete managed technology service provider. And when you select Moser you have the resources of our entire force of 350 technologists in our 5 specialty areas: Application Services, Business Services, Data and Analytics, Government and Infrastructure.

The value of Moser Managed Services begins with an understanding of the client's business technology strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the Discovery Phase; quantifying the technology services to be provided in the Solution Phase; and the increased business technology performance, reliability and cost savings gained through the Delivery of Moser Managed Services. 

Infrastructure service offerings

proactively manage your it

Proactive Technology Management:

Inspects your IT infrastructure on an ongoing basis so weaknesses are discovered before they cause breakdowns and interrupt your business.


Network management

Network and Server Monitoring:

Monitors server performance and which devices should be connected to the network as well as who tries to gain access.

network administrator at server

Network Administration:

This service covers all regular maintenance on your IT infrastructure, such as ensuring that antivirus programs are up to date and excessive information storage isn’t slowing down your connectivity.

helpdesk services call workers

Reactive Support Services:

If your IT infrastructure typically runs well but you don’t know what to do once it doesn’t, then reactive support services could be for you. Experts will be on the other end of the line when you need to call to get your system up and running again. 


server room admin

Technology Consulting:

Knowing which technology to include in your network is half the battle. IT infrastructure service providers can take your goals and find the best tools to meet them. We can also serve as a mediator between you and your tech vendors, so you can focus on your business instead of managing an ever-expanding tech stack.

professional services experts

Professional Services:

Are you in need of additional team members to push a project across the finish line? Professional services can provide you with project managers and subject matter experts that live and breathe IT infrastructure.

We’re always looking for top IT professionals. Experience the award winning culture at Moser!

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