Our Core Values make us an exceptional
partner and a great place to work.

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We believe accountability is a key characteristic of the servant leader. We outline clear expectations and empower our employees to model our core values. We encourage sharing of ideas, overcoming challenges and celebrating successes as a team to create a culture of trust and accountability.

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We promote and encourage work-life balance by providing a healthy work environment, flexibility of schedule and resources to allow each person to define their own measure of a healthy lifestyle. As life circumstances change, our employees have control and flexibility to adapt and remain energized to do their best work while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

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We foster a positive workplace for our employees through collaboration and teamwork. This creates a foundation where challenges are overcome through interactive problem-solving and new ideas are matured through healthy dialog and participation from the entire team.

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We create a rich customer
experience through listening to our customer’s needs, inclusion in the decision-making process and understanding their measure of success. As a partner, our mutual goals and expectations allow us to focus and succeed together.

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We maintain a culture of integrity at all levels of the organization through honesty, transparency and trust. Strong ethics and uncompromising values begin with leadership and that’s modeled throughout the organization. Honesty and integrity are the foundation of our long-term partnership with employees, customers and suppliers.

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Social Responsibility

We invest in our communities through support of causes, volunteer opportunities, projects, and local activities. For our global community, we recognize our broader responsibilities by supporting sustainable efforts that protect the environment. And we focus on making a positive impact by improving social AND economic futures.

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We support our employees’ professional development by providing technical training, mentoring and access to technology resources, allowing each person to achieve their full potential. We foster a sense of pride and accomplishment through teamwork and partnership with our customers.

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We think that being honest and authentic is the foundation for effective communication and that it creates a safe environment for sharing of ideas and accountability. We know it’s the best way to build relationships, develop trust, and create opportunities for innovation, empowerment and recognition.

Want to partner with Moser?

For more than 25 years we have formed partnerships and grown with our clients through open and honest collaboration. Finding the right solution at the right time has been a hallmark of Moser Consulting from the very beginning. And, as the company has gotten larger and grown stronger, our commitment to these core values has grown stronger, too.

Internally, we believe in building strong teams from the top down with a focus on values in our Model-Coach-Care philosophy. Our leadership, directors, and managers are encouraged and trained to model good practices, mentor other employees and each other, and show empathy and caring in all interactions. This is the base of our core values.

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